Practice Sessions at the Track

Open Practice on the FULL TRACK is available at the track most days, however sometimes we may be busy with rentals or other events on the North Track.  In these situations practice will either be restricted to the South Track or drivers will be asked to wait to accommodate activity on the North Track.  Prior to every Toronto Kart Club race there will be at least one full day set aside during the week where the track will be setup for the chosen race layout.  From April to June and then again from September onwards opportunities to practice a full track layout will be frequent, especially during the week.

Daily rates for Open Practice:

Full Track – $70 ($50 before noon or after 5pm)
South Track – $50 ($40 before noon of after 5pm)

Please be sure to contact the track ahead of time to schedule Open Practice.

Track Membership Packages

Basic Membership – $599, including unlimited single driver Open Practice for the season (April to October).

Combo Membership – $799 – includes 1/2 case of AMS Oil (choice of 4T, 5W, 10W or 2-stroke) AND a set of Vega Blue Tyres for only $200 more!

Add to your Combo Membership and SAVE!

Seasonal Kart Garage – add $500
Annual Kart Garage – add $800

20′ Seasonal Pit Box Reservation – add $100
40′ Seasonal Pit Box Reservation – add $200

20′ Seasonal Kart Trailer Parking – add $400
40′ Seasonal Kart Trailer Parking – add $600

20′ Annual Kart Trailer Parking – add $700
40′ Annual Kart Trailer Parking – add $1,000

Seasonal rates are from April to October.  Annual rates are from December to November.  Trailer Parking includes in-and-out privileges and a Pit Box Reservation.  Trailer parking on Race Weekends (Friday to Sunday) is included with Event Registration. 

Regular Rates (without a Combo Membership)

Kart Garage:
$100/month, $600/season, $1,000/year

20′ Pit Box Reservation:
$40/event, $200/season

40′ Pit Box Reservation:
$75/event, $375/season

Extended Kart Trailer Parking (up to 20′):
$40/week, $80/month, $480/season and $800/year

Extended Kart Trailer Parking (over 20′):
$60/week, $120/month, $720/season and $1,200/year