One of the most common questions we get at the track is

Can I drive the fast karts?” 

For people that have had a great time on our Public Go-Karts this is natural, and its the very first step in what has the potential to become a lifelong passion.

Racing Karts are not the same as Public Go-Karts.  Our Public Go-Karts are regulated by the TSSA, which inspects the track and karts for safety every year.  On the other hand, Kart Racing events are sanctioned by ASN Canada FIA, the sporting authority delegated by the FIA (the same body that sanctions Formula 1).

If you want to race, we will help you do it.

We operate our Racing Program as Brechin Motorsport Park (BMP), with its own separate entrance and facilities, and we have put together a comprehensive racing program that provides a variety of choices to suit any driver, at any level from ages 7 and up. 

Option 1 – Arrive & Drive

Everything is provided for you – kart, engine, tires, fuel, safety gear, etc.  Join the Canadian Karting League to race ($100 to join, $80/event) or just practice ($65/hr), or both.  On and off track training is required to be eligible to drive the karts.

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Option 2 – Club Racing

The Toronto Kart Club (TKC) is a not-for-profit organization that is based at our track.  The TKC organizes an annual Kart Race Championship and other events throughout the racing season.  Members are trained by the Club and are issued an ASN competition license for kart racing.  Drivers own their own karts and are allowed to make setup changes within the limits of a set of published rules.  Costs are $125 to join the club and $85/event.  Check out our Track Membership Packages for details with respect to practice, test and tune and rates.

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 Option 3 – Club Racing with a Leased Kart

This option was developed as an introduction to Club Racing without the cost of having to own your own kart.  As with Option 2, membership in the Club is required, and an ASN competition licence is issued.  However, with this option the track will lease you a race-ready kart including a Briggs & Stratton LO206 engine for all or part of the season.  By racing with the Club in a leased kart you will have the opportunity to get to know other members and learn about things like engine and kart setup, as well as develop your race craft, without the immediate expense of owning your own kart.  

Learn before you spend.

Costs are $100/day to lease the kart (complete, ready to race), with a 3-race minimum.  You will still be required to join the Club and pay regular entry and practice fees as above, and to cover any major damage to the kart.  Plus, storage at the track is included so you can still take advantage of our Track Membership Packages for practice, test and tune!

We want your racing experience to begin, remain and end a positive one!