Registration Forms

To become a member of the Toronto Kart Club you must complete, sign and submit the following forms and pay the Membership Fee:

  1. Membership Application
  2. Annual Release
  3. ASN Annual Event Waiver for Adults
  4. ASN Annual Parental Consent Waiver (if applicable)
  5. ASN Medical Self-Declaration
  6. ASN Physical Examination Form (Drivers 50 and older)

Documents and payment can be submitted at the track or delivered to:

Toronto Kart Club
320 Newkirk Road
Richmond Hill, Ontario
L4C 3G7

Note that all drivers under the age of 18 require an Associate Member as their guardian, and only Members and Associate Members are permitted in the Grid Area.

Once approved, drivers will be issued an ASN Driver Competition Licence.  Drivers are required to acquire and wear special personal safety equipment, attend on and off-track training and have an understanding of all Rules and Regulations.

Event Schedule

The 2017 Toronto Kart Club Championship consists of 13 Championship races as well as other special events. Most of the races will be contested at our new home, Brechin Motorsport Park, at Gamebridge Go-Karts in Brechin, Ontario.

The Club also looks forward to hosting and participating in joint races with the Innisfil Kart Club, the Kawartha Kart Club, and the Simcoe Kart Club, as well as the annual Shannonville Bear Hunt!

We encourage our members to race as often as they wish, wherever they wish, and we welcome all ASN licensed karters to join us as well.

Rules and Regulations

Toronto Kart Club racing events are sanctioned by ASN Canada FIA, and events are conducted in accordance with ASN’s Sporting and Technical Regulations and Supplemental Rules as determined by the Club.  TKC Members are required to have a copy of the complete and most current Rules and Regulations with them at all Events, including:

  1. ASN Canada FIA Code of Conduct for Participants
  2. 2017 ASN Canada FIA Karting Sporting Regulations (Book 1)
  3. 2017 ASN Canada FIA Karting Technical Regulations (Book 2)
  4. 2017 ASN Canada FIA Briggs & Stratton – Regulations
  5. 2017 ASN Canada FIA Approved Helmets
  6. 2017 TKC Supplemental Rules

The documents above are not exhaustive.  Check back often for updates, as well as with ASN Canada FIA for a complete list of ASN Regulations, Notices and Bulletins.

Other Documents

TKC Pre-Race Technical & Safety Inspection Form